ISSN 0000-0000


MusMat / Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics (1st issue, complete edition)


Evolutionary Variation Applied to the Composition of CTG, for Woodwind Trio
(Carlos de Lemos Almada)

Teaching Atonal and Beat-Class Theory, Modulo Small
(Richard Cohn)

Sound Shizuku Composition: a Computer-Aided Composition System for Extended Music Techniques
(Ivan Eiji Simurra and Jônatas Manzolli)

Music as a Carbon Language: A Mathematical Analogy and its Interpretation in Biomusicology
(Gabriel Pareyon)

(Robert W. Peck)

On the Relation of Quality and Quantity in the Context of Musical Composition
(Alexandre Reche e Silva)

Contour Algorithms Review
(Marcos da Silva Sampaio e Pedro Kröger)

Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics,Geometry and Mathematics of Continuous Functions Used in Some of my Compositional Projects
(Rodolfo Coelho de Souza)