MusMat research projects – 2013 – 2014

P1 – Partitional Analysis: a mediation between musical composition and the theory of integer partitions (André Codeço, Bernardo Ramos, Daniel Moreira, Fabio Monteiro, Jorge Santos, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, Rafael Fortes)

M1 – Perspectives for textural analysis through the mediation between musical contour theory and the partitional analysis. (Daniel Moreira, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes)

M1 – Composicional design from data collected by Partitional Analysis. (André Codeço, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes)

IC1 – Linear partitioning and melodic structuring. (Alexandre Avellar, Daniel Mussatto, Filipe de Matos Rocha , Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, Rafael Soares Bezerra) –  Honorable Mention at XXXV Journey of Scientific, Technologic, Artistic and Cultural Giulio Massarani – UFRJ.

P2 – Development variation: formulation of a tipology of compositional procedures and an analytical model. (Azael Ferreira Neto, Carlos Almada, Daniel Moreira, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes)

M2 – Image, timbre and texture in Prèlude à L’Après-Midi D’Un Faune from the viewpoint of the namesake poem of Stéphane Mallarmé. (Fabio Monteiro, Carlos Almada).

M2 – Musical texture in the work of Pierre Boulez. (Jorge Santos, Carlos Almada).

IC2 – Development variation and the choro. (Azael Neto, Alexandre Avellar, Carlos Almada, Pedro Zizels). Honorable Mention at XXXV Journey of Scientific, Technologic, Artistic and Cultural Giulio Massarani – UFRJ.


MusMat extension projects – 2013 – 2014

EXT1 – Partitional Analysis: composition, texture, reflection. (Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, 09/2013)